Welcome to Florence Township
Offering Responsible and Responsive Leadership
2011 Elected Township Officials
Steamboat Landing Adverse Land Possession Claim
Against Florence Township

Township Board Meeting Minutes
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Plaintiffs' Complaint vs.
Township of Florence
Answer from Township of
Florence to Plaintiffs' Compaint
2015 Florence Twp Zoning Ordinance
Mike Blair, Supervisor 2015 Spring History Fair
Heritage Preservation Comm. Liaison Flyer
31778 Maple Ct.
Lake City, MN 55041
Phone: 651-345-5156  

Joe Ellingson
, Supervisor
Parks Comm. Liaison
30163 Cty 2
Building permits must be reviewed by the Planning Commission before being presented to the Town Board.
Second Monday of the Month at 7:00P
Red Wing , MN 55066
Phone: 651-468-8218
Download Building Permit here [PDF]
  Building Permit Fees
Jim McIlrath, Supervisor
Planning Comm. Liaison  
34767 Rainwater Ct.  
Frontenac, MN 55026 NOTE:
Phone: 651-345-4779 We have hired a new roads maintenance
  company, Luhman's Construction. We
Susan Eisenmenger, Clerk no longer use Flueger Construction.
smeisen@pressenter.com Please contact Sup. Joe Ellingson with
PO Box 97 all road issues.
Frontenac, MN 55026  
Phone: 651-388-0097
Community Center
To rent the Community Center, contact
Thomas Gnotke, Treasurer
Robin Mesenburg at 651-388-6666
34693 Rainwater Ct * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Frontenac, MN 55026 Click here to review HPC's Revised Final
Phone: 651-345-6226 Draft Ordinance and Bylaws.
  Located under the current HPC
  Ordinance and Bylaws.
  * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Township residents may purchase crushed rock from Bruenig Rock Products for $13.27 per yard. Please contact Bruenig Rock Products at
(800) 371-2933
  Florence Township Brush Dump Notice
  ~ Silica Mining Presentation ~
  2013 Annual Meeting
  Local History Presentation
Florence Township Hall is located in Goodhue County, Minnesota
Township Board
3rd Monday of the
month at 6:00 pm
Planning Commission
2nd Monday of the
month at 7:00 pm
Friends of the Town Hall
2nd Saturday of the
month at 10:00A
Heritage Commission
2nd Tuesday of the
month at 6:00 pm
Park Commission
1st Tuesday of the
month at 6:00 pm
2014 Florence Twp Newsletter
Florence Township Zoning Districts
Minnesota State Highway Map
2013 Comprehensive Plan
Goodhue County, MN

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